The future of organic farming

The future of organic farming

Good to know: the future of organic farming with Organo Humatic food

The Organo Humatic plant food from DrFertigo is the best of both worlds. The absorption rate of a bio-mineral food and the quality of an organic food. This ensures optimum yield and a high-quality end product, making Organo Humatic food the future of organic farming!

  • 100% vegetable = 100% vegetable raw materials are used.
  • Organic food = better quality.
  • Better absorption = the unique composition of OH nutrition ensures that elements are offered in such a way that the plant can absorb them perfectly when needed.
  • Dose less = because these nutrients remain so well available for the plant, Organo Humatic food is dosed much less. In between only water. Feeding plants is therefore less labor-intensive and also cost-effective.
  • Safe and efficient = organo Humatic food actually feeds the substrate (usually earth) and not the plant itself. In this way, the plant is supplied with totalitarian and dosed nutrients in the correct manner. It also explains that this complex fertilization is seen as the most natural, safe and efficient method of fertilization. No animal remains are used, but only vegetable-fermented material, which makes OH nutrition completely vegan.

Why DrFertigo?

Our products are made from high-quality ingredients grown by professional farmers. Because of the clear descriptions and explicit phasing of growth processes, our products are easy to use and usable by both beginners and professionals. So: also by you! Our products ensure perfect crops; we have researched them scientifically and tested them extensively. That is why we can guarantee that you’ll get the best end results with DrFertigo. And because our products are 100% organic, our food is the future of organic farming!

  • High quality ingredients from professional agriculture
  • Scientifically researched, and extensively tested
  • Easy to use, compact packaging
  • Ready-to-use products: all-in-one composition
  • Broad spectrum, high-quality bio-mineral component nutrition
  • Economical to use
  • One suitable product for each growth phase
  • For both home and professional growers
organo humatische voeding