Upgrade the soil with Humitine

Upgrade the soil with Humitine

Humitine as an upgrade for your soil

DrFertigo Humitine is used to upgrade the soil. With this organic product, you can ensure in a responsible way that the soil your plants grow and flower in is as good as it can be. This is because Humitine does not only make sure that the soil is healthy, it also increases the resistance of your plants against stress factors, such as drought, salt accumulation and pesticides. Upgrade your soil with Humitine and buy it today in our shop!

Suitable for all substrates

DrFertigo Humitine is suitable for all substrates, meaning that you can also upgrade your soil in a natural, safe and efficient manner. How it works? De Humitine improves the soil structure, the crumbling and the aeration in soil. Because of this, the availability of water for the plants is optimized and the buffering ability of the soil is increased. The soil will be healthier, which stimulates the root development and the growth of plants and the intake of nutrients by the root system.

pH value

The pH value indicates the extent to which the plant is easily absorbed by the plant. Healthy soil has a pH value between 5.8 and 6.5. If the pH value is lower, it may be deduced that the pH buffer is depleted or is running out. Our Humitine neutralizes the pH value of the soil back to 6.5.

EC value

In the last weeks of the previous crop, the plant hardly absorbed any food. The average grower is often inclined to continue to give a lot of nutrition (EC) during those weeks. So don’t be surprised if a soil sample indicates an EC value that is higher than 5.0. The EC value will have to be reduced by replacing the land or by upgrading the land with DrFertigo Humitine.

Humitine’s primary functions:

  • Provides stable pH and EC buffer values due to the highest calcium content.
  • High quality humic acids neutralize salts and thereby stabilize the EC values.
  • Enriches and upgrades low-grade substrates to stable, high nutritional values.