Why Soil Improver?

  • Provides an improved soil structure
  • Regenerates used substrate for a new growth and flowering cycle
  • Crumbling and aeration in the soil
  • Optimization of water availability for the plant
  • Increased buffering capacity of the soil
  • Reduction in the leaching of nutrients
  • Neutralization of the soil’s pH value back to 6.5
  • Stimulation of the metabolism and development of the root (this promotes vertical root development)
  • Stimulation of growth, enzymes and cell division in the plant
  • Improvement of the absorption of nutrients by the root system
  • Improvement of yield and quality
  • Easy to use

Soil improver: Humitine

DrFertigo Humitine is primarily a high-quality soil improver rich in humus soil and trace elements bound to the humus complex where high-quality calcium and magnesium have been added. This ensures an optimal growth of the plant, which thanks to the soil improver remains in good health during the growth and flowering phase. Because of specific properties such as a good pH buffer capacity, a high cation exchange and a strong ability to regulate the water ma-nagement, Humitine ensures a good resistance of the plant to stress factors such as drought, salt accumulation or harmful pesticides. The high carbon content also stimulates useful microbial soil life. Humitine can be applied to any soil type and to any plant species.

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