Maximum growth result

We want the grower to achieve maximum results with good products that are easy to understand and use. That is why we have developed high-quality products that promote the growth of your plants and crops.
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1. Start Grow

Root & shoot development

Start-Grow has an increased nitrogen content and is therefore N-rich. As a result, this powder nutrition gives the crop a good start in the growth and flowering phase, because it stimulates root formation and the root system.
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2. Grow-Bloom

Stem & leaf development

Grow-Bloom with a high nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) content has been developed to provide the crop with the correct nutrients for the growth phase and (early) flowering phase. In addition, high-quality Calcium and Magnesium has been added. This ensures the onset of beautiful, green flower crops.
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Bloei en oogsten fase 3

3. Bloom-Finish

Flower & fruit development

Bloom-Finish contains multiple high-quality biological trace elements for maximum yield, with an NPK of 7-24-24. The increased phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) content ensure large, hard and compact crops. Bloom-Finish thus improves the cell structure of the plant and that results in maximum taste, smell and quality development.
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Soil improver

Humitine is a high-quality soil improver that ensures optimal growth and health of the plants during the growth and flowering phase. Humitin provides a higher resistance to stress factors (such as drought, salt accumulation, pesticides) through, among other things, a good pH buffering capacity.
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organische biodefender


Natural protection

DrFertigo BioDefender is a high-quality biological supplement that we have developed with Humic and Fulvic acids that ensure a healthy development of your crop. The high-quality orthosilicic acids strengthen the cell walls, preventing insects, fungi and viruses from entering and infecting the plant cells.
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