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DrFertigo: quality and simplicity

We focus on the small-scale hobby grower as well as the experienced grower. We want the grower to achieve maximum results with good products that are easy to understand and use. That is why we have developed high-quality products that promote the growth of your plants and crops, while they are very clear and therefore easy to use!
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The highest quality

We have developed high-quality bio-mineral nutritional supplements in the form of powder nutrition. All our products have been scientifically researched and extensively tested to achieve the best end product.
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Easy to use

We do not believe in food lines where dozens of different types of food have to be used in as many phases. That is why we have developed one line: bio-mineral nutrition in powder form (with only 3 steps). Finally, we have a soil improver (Humitine) and a plant enhancer (BioDefender). This way we keep everything as clear as possible, so that you can easily work with it!