How do you ensure optimal soil?

How do you ensure optimal soil?

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Soil improvers

Due to the use of fertilizers, a large part of the nutrients (NPKs) and salts remain in the soil. It is important that the soil is upgraded after a cycle with the help of high-quality soil improvers. Soil improvers, also called soil activators, consist of humic and fulvic acids. What are Humic and Fulvic Acids? Humic and fulvic acid are produced from humus. Humus is the top layer of the soil. Humus is very fertile. It looks like compost, but is more digested than compost. Humus consists of digested plant materials.

What is the function of Humic and Fulvic acids?

Humic and fulvic acids dissolve accumulated salts in the soil and activate soil life. They improve the health of the crop and ensure strong plant development. They also increase yields during long-term use and increase the amount of growth hormones in the plant.

What do fulvic and humic acids do for your garden?

  • bind nutrients from the soil;
  • Improve nutrient absorption from the soil, especially phosphorus, sulfur and carbon dioxide;
  • Reduce the need for carbon dioxide;
  • stimulate biological activity;
  • Dissolves minerals;
  • Improve soil structure.
  • Accelerates and increases the growth of plants – The nitrogen and nutrient intake is increased. This promotes the metabolism and a plant will grow faster.
  • Reduces the chance of illness. – Humic acid provides a stable soil. The plant grows up in better conditions, and is therefore more resistant to diseases.