Unwanted insects in your garden?

Unwanted insects in your garden?

Unwanted insects in your garden?

Aphids, white flies, spider mites, caterpillars and so on. They are all unwanted guests in your garden. The last few weeks, we have seen warm weather with the occasional heavy showers. Warm and humid weather is the ideal climate for unwanted guests in the garden. Harmful insects are more than happy to nest in the garden and damage your plants and crops. This can cause the transmission of viruses, weak plants or a lagging growth. The question is: what is the solution?

To prevent is better than to cure

One of the best methods to solve damage by insects is to prevent damage occurring at all; after all, to prevent is better than to cure! So always try to protect your plants and crops from unwanted insects in your garden. The best way for this is to treat them pre-emptively with an organic pesticide: DrFertigo BioDefender.

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Use Bio-Defender for:

• Improves immune system and natural defense of plants against pests and pathogens;
• Reinforced cell walls at the cellular level;
• Pure organic and natural ingredients;
• Safe for use on growing crops;
• Safe to use until very shortly before harvesting;
• Easy in use.

Safe to use

You might think that using a pesticide may have a bad influence on the quality of your plants, but if you use the BioDefender, this is not the case! This is because the BioDefender is a natural, organic and durable product that is made from plant extracts. These extracts exclusively combat the harmful insect in a quick and efficient manner!

How it works

The product contains orthosolisic acids, which strengthen the cell walls of the plants. This creates a thin, completely bio-degradable layer on the surface of the leaves, ensuring insects, fungi and viruses stand no chance. The product also strengthens the natural resistance of the plants, so it can combat disease-causing elements itself. Use BioDefender to get rid of unwanted insects in your garden!