Unwanted insects in your garden?

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Unwanted insects in your garden?

Aphids, whitefly, spider mites, caterpillars and so on. They are all unwanted insects in the garden. The last few weeks the weather has been warm with the occasional downpour. Warm and humid weather is the ideal climate for the unwanted guests in the garden. Harmful insects are only too happy to settle in the garden. Damage can occur in feeding damage, virus transmission, weak plants or stunted growth. The question is: what is the solution?

Prevention is better than cure

One of the best methods of controlling insect damage is to prevent damage from occurring; after all, prevention is better than cure! Always try to protect your plants against unwanted insects in your garden. The best way to do this is to treat them preventively with an organic pesticide: DrFertigo BioDefender.

DrFertigo BioDefender Organic Plant Enhancer

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Plant enhancer

DrFertigo BioDefender is a high-quality biological supplement that we have developed with Humic and Fulvic acids that ensure a healthy development of your crop. The high-quality orthosilicic acids strengthen the cell walls, preventing insects, fungi and viruses from entering and infecting the plant cells.
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Safe to use

You may think that using a pesticide has a bad effect on the quality of your crops, but with the BioDefender it is not! That’s because the BioDefender is a natural, organic and sustainable product made from plant extracts. These extracts only combat harmful insects in a fast and efficient way. Read more about it in our brochure!

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How does it work?

Orthosilicic acids have been added to the product, which strengthen the cell walls of the plants. This creates a thin, fully biodegradable layer on the leaf surface so that insects, fungi and viruses do not have a chance. The product strengthens the natural resistance of the plant to fight pathogens itself. So use BioDefender to prevent unwanted insects in your garden!


Do you have questions about the BioDefender? Or about its use as a pesticide or prevention agent? Or do you want to know more about the unwanted insects in your garden? Please feel free to contact us in all cases. We are happy to help you, so that your plants can grow undisturbed!

From: $ 24,50

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