Dealer program

Our dealership program offers the stores in the Netherlands to grow together.

Your benefits

  • You will receive a free demo starter package upon registration.
  • Pay only for what is sold with a good margin.
  • Product explanation, support with product questions / sales.
  • Always free delivery, and no mandatory minimum purchase.
  • Stylish POS material, in the form of flyers and a digital media kit.
  • Fast delivery, maximum two days.
  • Are you ready to grow?

You can start as a store with or without a webshop.

  • Physical store has * no minimum order amount, can always replenish stock against free shipping / delivery.
  • With a webshop no direct purchase, no stock required.
  • When ordering online we always ship to the store for free.
  • We keep stock and ship it from central warehouse, delivered in 24-48 hours.
  • Graduated discounts.
  • Final discount when achieving target exchange for free products of your choice.
    * An exception is the DrFertigo Biodefender 250 ml format. Minimum order 2x 250 ml for free shipping.
Register as a dealer