Why Organic Plant Feed?

  • 100% organic
  • Substrate is constantly provided with nutrients
  • Plant grows naturally, with strong nutrients
  • Optimal intake of nutrients by roots
  • Quality of organic feed, yield of (bio)mineral feed
  • Minimal (harmful) salt accumulation in the substrate
  • Low frequency dosing
  • Overdosing is impossible
  • CE-certified
  • Easy to use

Organic plant feed

The Organo-Humatic plant nutrition of DrFertigo is a plant feed that is based on 100% organic resources. Because of the unique composition of the nutrition, the substrate is provided constantly with the correct nutrients, giving the plants the opportunity to take in the nutrients at the moments they need them. This way, the plants grow in an organic way and with strong nutrients. This is why Organo-Humatic plant feed is revolutionary: it combines the quality of organic plant feed with the yield of bio-mineral plant feed. We have divided the plant feed into four clear steps, making it easy-to-use. Click on the products for more information!

Download the brochure

In this brochure, you will read everything about our organo humatic plant feed and the 4 stages in which it can be used!

Download the feeding schedule

In the feeding schedule you will read exactly when and how much plant feed you need to use for the best results!