Soil Improver

DrFertigo Humitine is primarily a high-quality soil improver rich in humus soil and trace elements bound to the humus complex where high-quality calcium and magnesium have been added. This ensures an optimal growth of the plant, which thanks to the soil improver remains in good health during the growth and flowering phase. Because of specific properties such as a good pH buffer capacity, a high cation exchange and a strong ability to regulate the water ma-nagement, Humitine ensures a good resistance of the plant to stress factors such as drought, salt accumulation or harmful pesticides. The high carbon content also stimulates useful microbial soil life. Humitine can be applied to any soil type and to any plant species.


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Plant Defence Improver

Many modern chemical pesticides and plant improvers are harmful to our health. Even though they are legally suitable for human consumption, this does not mean that they are free of long-term risk. The DrFertigo products therefore respond to the rapidly growing trend in the ‘grow your own’ market to natural, organic and sustainable growth methods. For the development of the 100% organic BioDefender, the natural defense mechanisms of plants against infections and parasites were extensively studied. For example, DrFertigo was able to develop a completely new plant care / immuno-booster agent with exclusively natural, organic ingredients so that it is suitable for organic cultivation methods. BioDefender works at various levels: Preventive by improving the plant’s defense system against pathogens, and curative by using natural insect repellents when there is already a contamination.


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