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With the BioDefender from DrFertigo you ensure biological protection of your plants and crops. Many modern pesticides are harmful to our health, but because the BioDefender is a natural, organic and sustainable product, it is not harmful. This organic plant protector ensures a strengthening of the cell walls, which keeps insects, fungi and viruses away. Read more below.

The effect of BioDefender

The natural plant extracts in BioDefender only fight harmful insects in a quick and efficient way. Natural orthosilic acids have been added to the product to reinforce cell walls. This creates a thin, fully biodegradable layer on the leaf surface, so that insects, fungi and viruses have no chance to penetrate the plant cells and infect the plant. The organic humic acids and fulvic acids ensure a good development of the plant through the leaf. The whole reinforces the natural resistance of the plant to be able to combat pathogens. BioDefender can be used safely up to a week before the harvest time.

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  • Improves immune system and natural defense of plants against pests and pathogens
  • Strengthens cell walls at the cellular level
  • Pure biological and natural ingredients
  • Safe for use on crops
  • Safe to use until very shortly before harvesting time
  • Easy to use

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250 ml, 500 ml