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Bloom-Finish From flowering to harvesting

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Bloom-Finish contains multiple high-quality biological trace elements for maximum yield, with a NPK of 7-24-24. The increased phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) content ensures large, hard and compact crops. Bloom-Finish thus improves the cell structure of the plant and that results in maximum taste, terpenes and quality development.

The sophisticated and highly concentrated (balanced) composition of the Start-Grow, Grow-Bloom and Bloom-Finish, with high quality calcium as the most important ingredient for each phase, ensures that the nutrients are balanced from one product to the next. This prevents a (too) high EC value, so that the plant can continue to absorb the food well. The salt build-up is minimal, so less frequent flushing needs to be done. Moreover, as a result of the unique composition, the magnesium does not react chemically, with which no moisture enters the bag.

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