HUMITINE Soil improver
Humitine is a high-quality soil conditioner that ensures optimum growth and health of the plants during the gore and flowering phase. Humitine provides a higher resistance to stress factors (such as, for example, drought, salt accumulation, pesticides) through, among other things, a good pH buffering capacity.

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Use Humitine for:

  • Regenerate used substrate for a new growth and flowering cycle
  • Provides an improved soil structure
  • Crumbling and aeration in the soil
  • Optimization of water availability for the plant
  • Increased buffering capacity of the soil
  • A reduction in the leaching of nutrients
  • Neutralization of the soil pH value back to 6.5
  • Stimulation of the metabolism and development of the root. This promotes vertical root development
  • Stimulation of growth, enzymes and cell division in the plant
  • Improvement of the absorption of nutrients by the root system
  • Improvement of yield and quality
  • Easy to use

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