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Organo-Humatic starters kit

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Organo-Humatic starters kit

59.80 55.00

ORGANO-HUMATIC Starter’s kit

This starter’s kit contains Organo-Humatic plant feed for every step in the growth process of your plants. This way, you’re guaranteed the best care for your crops, from the vegetative phase through the growth phase until the blooming phase.
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With the Organo-Humatic starter’s kit, you receive organic plant feed for every phase in the growth process of your plants. The kit consists of four bottles of 250 ml, each bottle applicable in a different growth phase. The Bio-Start (1) is meant for the first few weeks of the vegetative phase; the Bio-Grow (2) is meant for the last weeks of the vegetative phase and the first few weeks of the growth phase; the Bio-Bloom (3) is meant for the growth phase and the Bio-Finish (4) is used in the last phase, the blooming phase. With this starter’s kit, your plants and crops receive the best nutrients during the entire process.

The starter’s kit consists of:

  1. Bio-Start, 250 ml
  2. Bio-Grow, 250 ml
  3. Bio-Bloom, 250 ml
  4. Bio-Finish, 250 ml


Advantages of Organo-Humatic plant feed

  • 100% organic
  • Improved intake of nutrients
  • Less frequent dosing
  • Safe and efficient
  • The best taste of your product
  • Maximum yield



What is Organo-Humatic plant feed exactly?

Organo-Humatic plant feed is a nutrition that is made completely from 100% organic resources, while also containing the qualities of (bio)mineral feed. This revolutionary combination ensures your plants are constantly provided with the best nutrients, which they can take in at the moments they need it most, which guarantees a natural growth process. This means that with Organo-Humatic plant feed, you get the quality of organic plant feed and the yield of (bio)mineral plant feed. It doesn’t get any better than that! Read more about Organo-Humatic plant feed in our blog “The future of organic farming”. Or download the brochure!


Want to know more about Organo-Humatic plant feed? Download the brochure (PDF, 5.91M)!

Feeding schedule

In the feeding schedule we have charted exactly when you should use which plant feed. For example, the Bio-Start (1) is used in the first few weeks (during the vegetative phase), after which you can use the Bio-Grow (2), Bio-Bloom (3) and the Bio-Finish (4). If our feeding schedule is followed, you will definitely receive a product with a delicious taste! You will also have a maximum yield. Download the feeding schedule here.



  • Shake before use
  • Heat the water to 20-24 degrees Celsius
  • Add the plant feed and determine the EC-value
  • Stir well (for about 1-2 minutes) until the feed is dissolved completely
  • Measure carefully!
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